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Pre-Quake and Network-risk

The recently published article of Toma-Danila et al. (2022), to which Pre-Quake contributed, reveals the implication of earthquakes on emergency intervention travel times in Bucharest, showing:

  • which areas could become unaccessible due to building collapse;
  • which are the implications of typical and post-earthquake traffic on travel times;
  • which are the safe access routes and important hospitals in case of an earthquake.

As expected, the city center might become severely hard to reach in case of earthquake. The use of delimited tramway lines for ambulances has an important impact in reducing travel times, but not all areas benefit from these. Furthermore, an emergency hospital located in south-western Bucharest might be highly important in reducing travel times for the area. The articles provide enough solutions for better emergency reduction planning.

Read more on the Frontiers in Earth Science article webpage.

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